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    Universal 2020 - FAQs

    Greetings Dianna! It will be our first time visiting Universal. In your experience, would we still be able to cover most of the park if we spend three hours in the tour? What rides are included in the tour? I would like to see if my children meet the height requirements. Lastly, my youngest will be 8 years and 10 months at the time of the trip. Would she be able to attend the tour? Do you foresee selling out of the tours soon? Thank you in advance for answering all my questions, and as always, thank you for planning such wonderful trips for homeschoolers. Blessings, Sharon
  3. Your sister and her family will need to register separately, and they'll have the same requirements as everyone else. Make sure she reads all the information herself. Don't register on her behalf.
  4. My sister and her family (she has kids ages 16 and 13) may also join us. Will they need to attend one of the educational events also? I am planning to take my three (ages 16, 10 and 6) Is that good enough or do all student aged kids have to attend? This would be our first time with your group and I just want to be sure we are doing the right thing.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Yes, for most trips. For Disney and Universal, there must be at least one school-age child in your party to go with our group because we're a youth/educational group.
  7. April, we're predicting a large group and may not have spots for everyone, so we're limiting to K-12 right now. If we have extra spots, we'll offer them to the other adults in our group (college, grandparents, etc.). Warmly, Dianna
  8. Each family needs to register separately, and all children must attend an educational program/tour.
  9. When all of my children graduate, can we still travel with you?
  10. I am wondering if my Daughter (age20) Who is a college student would qualifies for the educational programs?
  11. Last week
  12. You said extended adult family (aunts, grandparents, etc.) would not need to attend an educational program, but if cousins (children) were to purchase through the group and come, would they be required to attend a program?
  13. You'll need to attend with your teen while another adult stays with your 3-year-old. See below: I'm going with my children, ages 12, 9, 7, and 4. Will I need to bring adult to watch the 4-year-old? Yes - you have to attend the program with your older children, so someone will need to stay behind with your 4-year-old. In cases like this, grandparents come in very handy. Especially if they'll pay for some or all of the trip. Just saying.
  14. Question: I plan on traveling with my 16 year old and 3 year old. Will my 16 year old still be able to attend educational program since I cannot? Thanks!!!
  15. Hi Sharon, you can get two connecting rooms at Pop Century. When you call to reserve, make sure you request connecting (door between the rooms), rather than just adjoining (side by side). Warmly, Dianna
  16. Hello Dianna! I have a family of 5. Is it possible to get 2 connecting rooms at pop century instead of one room at port riverside? Thank you for all the hard work that you put into your trips! Sharon
  17. Yes - there will be seating for everyone.
  18. Also strange question, but is there seating for all at the dessert party?
  19. I'll announce it as soon as details are finalized. They're in transition right now - it may in a park, or at one of the conference centers. Not sure yet.
  20. Tania

    Alicia - looking for trip reviews

    We didn't do Disney, but we did Universal with the group in November. It was a great deal and everything went smoothly. I was hesitant, because theme parks aren't really our thing. We usually go camping and hiking on our vacations. However, this was our favorite vacation ever. I'm not planning to attend this year's Disney trip. The price can't be beat, and I'm sure it will be just as amazing as Universal was.
  21. Ya, that's not cool. I think the Disney staff work hard enough, they don't need any extra things to do. We've always had fantastic experiences, even at the value resorts. Thanks for the info. Food for thought!
  22. What park are you thinking the Visual Arts program will be taking place?
  23. Yes - that's fine. If it's just those two extra (no other children), you can include them in the same registration to make things easier.
  24. Hi Hannah, I wasn't clear with my previous post. What I meant was that I never realized what effect turning down housekeeping (for gift cards, hotel points, or other reward) would have on the workers. I thought by turning down housekeeping, I was doing them a favor - they wouldn't have to work as hard, it's better for the environment because they wouldn't be using electricity, cleaning products, etc. But that's not what happens. Instead, hotels (not only Disney), will "lay-off" as many of their housekeeping staff as they can for that day. (That's why you have to tell them in advance if you're denying service.) Then whoever is left has to clean all the rooms, often working harder and longer hours (for the same low wages), especially if the room(s) haven't been cleaned for several days or a week (due to the perks for turning down housekeeping). It's easier to maintain a room if they can clean it every day, than once a week. So if you're like me and feel that someone doesn't have to clean after you every day, just put out the "room occupied" sign and they can skip your room without losing a day's work, and won't be replacing towels that have been used only once, and won't be using electricity or cleaning products, etc. The hotel strike in Boston was an eye-opening experience. It was a hotbed of revolution back in Revolutionary days, and still is today. Warmly, Dianna
  25. Oh Dianna I should've known that they wouldn't do it🤦‍♀️with it being a special group! I can take down the comment if you want me to? Or you can? Wowza, I didn't even think about the fact that it could've potentially been due to a strike!
  26. I am hoping to come with my family! We would book Pop and have my 8yo,5yo and 1yo. If my mother and sister wanted to come as well they would need their own room. Is that a possibility for this trip with the discount?
  27. I have large rooms blocks at Pop and Port Orleans, so I expect rooms to be available for several months at least, so no worries.
  28. Do you anticipate selling out of the Pop Century rooms by next week. Silly question, I know, but Pop is our favorite resort and I would hate to buy the tickets and not be able to get a room at that price...payday is next week.
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