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Found 5 results

  1. Here is the trip description and registration link: https://www.travelinghomeschoolers.com/grand-canyon-road-trip/ Was this road trip originally planned for 2019? Yes, but I moved it to 2020 to allow us more time to plan other road trips leading up to and following this one. I'll announce them as soon as details are finalized. Are spots still available for this trip? Spots are still available. I'll update this FAQ and my website when we're full. When are the educational programs scheduled? Programs are tentatively scheduled for Monday-Thursday. I'll post more details as they're finalized. Will we go on long hikes over rough terrain? Walks/hikes will be 2 miles or less (likely less), over even terrain. Will there be evolutionary content? Program staff are sensitive to evolutionary content (for example – they will describe things as adaptations instead of evolution, will present concepts as theories, etc.). However, you can opt out of any program that you feel would be against your beliefs, or use the program as fodder for family discussions later. (The price remains the same.) I live in the area - can I join your group for the day? I'm not arranging hotels, transportation, etc., for this trip, so you're welcome to register for the trip. The fee is the same, regardless of how many days you join us, or where you stay. Can I choose my own hotel? Can I use points for my hotel? Yes to both - families make their own hotel, campground, whatever, arrangements for my road trips, so choose whatever hotel or campground works best for your family. I'll try to get a group block of rooms on the rim for us. I'll provide more information and suggestions to registered families. I have a baby, toddler, preschooler - do they count in the price? Children ages 4 and younger are free, but they won't be able to attend the educational programs. A parent, grandparent , etc., will need to stay behind with them while the older children attend with the other parent or adult. I have a 4-year-old (or younger) and older children, and no other adult will be going with us. Can we attend the educational programs together? Children ages 4 and younger can't attend the educational programs, and older students must have an adult with them during programs. I recommend recruiting a grandparent, uncle, aunt, adult friend, etc., to go with you. You can alternate doing the programs with your older child(ren) while the other adult watches the younger child(ren). We're flying in. What airports do you recommend? Phoenix (PHX) is the closest major airport to the South Rim (231 miles), and Las Vegas (LAS) is the next (274 miles). Flagstaff (FLG) is the closest small airport (81 miles), but may be more expensive. Research all of them to see what the best option is for your family. Will I need a car for this trip? You can fly into the area (see above) and hire a shuttle to the Grand Canyon, then use the Canyon's shuttle service to get around. Renting a car would likely be less expensive and more convenient, though. I'll explain the different alternatives to registered families. Can you give me an estimate for hotel, campground, transportation, flights, etc.? I can't give you an estimate since each family has different needs, prefer different types of accommodations, and will be traveling from different states. Research the different options available and see what best meets your needs. To reduce the cost of your trip, use hotel points, credit card rewards points for flights or rental cars, etc. Have any other questions? Please reply in this thread and I'll answer and add it to the list!
  2. Join us in June 2020 for our road trip to the Grand Canyon! We’ll participate in private educational programs and explore the skies at the canyon’s week-long Star Party! https://www.travelinghomeschoolers.com/grand-canyon-road-trip/
  3. Dianna

    Grand Teton Road Trip

    Join us for our road trip to Grand Teton National Park and explore its history, geology, landscapes, and wildlife! https://www.travelinghomeschoolers.com/grand-teton-road-trip/
  4. Dianna

    Yellowstone Road Trip

    Join us for our road trip to Yellowstone National Park and explore its wildlife, canyons, lakes, waterfalls, geysers, mud pots, and hot springs! Find out more: https://www.travelinghomeschoolers.com/yellowstone-road-trip/
  5. Dianna

    Grand Canyon Road Trip

    Join us in June 2020 for our road trip to the Grand Canyon! We’ll participate in private educational programs and explore the skies at the canyon’s week-long Star Party! Learn more: https://www.travelinghomeschoolers.com/grand-canyon-road-trip/
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