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Universal 2019 - FAQs

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What dates are our tickets valid for?

Tickets will be valid November 1-30. However, all park days must be used within 7 days. For example, if you use the first park day on November 1, you'll need to use remaining day(s) November 7. They'll expire after that and unused days won't be refunded.

What type of tickets will you offer?

We're offering 2-day, 2-park, and 3-day, 3-park tickets this year. See my website for more information about each.

Do the tickets include tax, etc.?

The price includes everything. There are no hidden charges.

Are the tickets discounted?

Yes, you're saving $143+ per 2-day, 2-park ticket, and $165+ per 3-day, 3-park ticket that includes Volcano Bay, comparing it to the online price discounted price.

Do I have to register for the Disney trip, too?

No, they're two separate trips, so you can register for one and not the other.

I want to do Disney World *and* Universal. Do I need to register and pay for them at the same time?

No, you can register for one now, and wait until later to register for the other one.

Will you offer the behind-the-scenes tour (educational program) again?

In order to streamline, I'm not coordinating any educational programs at Universal this fall.

Will you get discounts at a Universal hotel for our group?

Not this fall. I may in the future.

If we stay onsite at a Universal Resort, will we be able to get the Early Admission perks with these tickets?

Early Admission is tied to your resort stay, so you'll get Early Admission through your hotel room key, even with our tickets. Enjoy!

Have more questions?

Post them in this thread and I'll answer as soon as possible.

Universal Trip & Registration Link: https://www.travelinghomeschoolers.com/universal/

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This FAQs have been updated for the November 2019 trip. Enjoy! :)

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