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Ozarks Retreat 2020 - FAQs

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Are spots still available?

Spots are still available. I'll update here and at my website when we get close to running out of spots.

I live in the area - can I join your group for the day? Can we opt out of the hotel?

We have a group package, with hotel, meals, and group activities included in the price.

What will our rooms be like?

They're similar to hotel rooms, but without the frills. They have Wi-Fi, but don't have a TV, microwave, phone, or mini-fridge. Towels, bedding, and soap is provided, but you'll need to bring your own hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, and any other personal items. Maid service will be provided daily. Each room has a private bathroom.

I have a family of 6, 7, etc., and have very young children. Can we all share one room?

The hotel I use allows up to 5 in standard rooms, and up to 6 in loft rooms. If you have more in your party, you'll need to have two rooms.

Can I stay fewer nights?

This is a package deal, so the price remains the same whether you arrive later or leave earlier than the group.

What ages do you recommend for this trip?

All ages - babies, grandparents and everyone in between!

We have teens - will there be other teens on this trip?

Yes - we have a lot of teens on most of my trips.

Will the children ever be required to be away from their parents for group activities?

Children are never required to be away from their parents for group activities.

What are meals like? I have food allergies, a special diet, food issues. Can they accommodate me?

They're buffet style, with a wide variety to accommodate food allergies and special diets. There are always vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices on the menu. Here's more information about their dining (with a link to a typical menu): 

What are the group activities? How much do the extra activities (like horseback riding) cost?

I'll schedule some group activities, but they may be limited due to the size of our group. Families can also sign up for activities while we're there. Here's a list of all the activities and their cost. Children are never required to be away from their parents for group activities.

What airport do we fly into? Is there shuttle service?

For families flying in, round-trip shuttle service from St. Louis Lambert International Airport to the YMCA is available at an extra cost. I’ll email information about this to travelers before our departure.

Do we have to be members of the YMCA to go?


Here is the trip description and registration link: 


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