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April/May 2019 FAQs 2 - How Tickets Work, Discounts, Annual Passes

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How much of a discount will I get?

You'll save $145, based on current Disney World gate ticket price beginning on April 27.

Our tickets also include an educational program and our Typhoon Lagoon Party, so our discount is actually more than this. Disney usually increases their regular ticket prices at least once every year, so our discount may be more. (The price for our group tickets won't change.)

Our tickets are also valid for a longer time period than the new date-based tickets, which must be used within a week or so.

How do we qualify for these tickets?

Students (and at least one parent) must participate in our educational program (date/time to be announced). Your travel dates must include that program, and you must have a day available on your ticket to enter one of the theme parks on that date. Everything else is optional.

Do we have to stay together as a group?

You must attend the group educational program (date/time to be announced). Our Typhoon Lagoon Party is done as a group, too (but you don't have to attend if you don't want to). Everything else is on your own (unless you want to do any of the special events with us - breakfasts, dinner party, dessert party, Hoop-Dee-Doo).

Do you ever run out of tickets? Should I register early?

We never run out of tickets, but we can hit our max for special events and group rooms. If you register early, you'll have a better chance of getting special meals/events and room preferences.

Will everyone in my party get the discounted tickets?

Everyone in your party will get the discounted tickets, and all students (and at least one parent to chaperone) must attend the educational program, whether they're homeschooling or not.

Each family unit must register and pay separately (grandparents can be included on your registration). Ask others in your traveling party (sister's family, aunt and uncle, best friends and their children, etc.), to note that they're your guests in the comments section of their registration.

If I visit Magic Kingdom and Epcot on the same day, does that count as 2 park days?

No - you have hopper tickets and can visit 1, 2, 3 or all 4 parks in one day, it still only counts as one park day. This is very helpful if you want to spend the day at Animal Kingdom, then hop over to Epcot for our Dessert Party. Or whatever.

Can I skip a day at the parks?

Yes - park days don't have to be consecutive. You can go one day, skip the next, go the next, and the next, then skip the next two. Just stay within the date range of the tickets and make sure you save a day to attend the mandatory educational program.

Can we use MagicBands with these tickets?

Yes, you'll be able to add our tickets to your MagicBands via the My Disney Experience website. (I'll email more information about that when the time comes.)

Do we get MagicBands with these tickets?

Only families staying at a Disney Resort get the MagicBands (whether they're with our group or not). MagicBands are a perk of staying at a Disney Resort. If you're not staying at a Disney Resort, you won't get MagicBands, but can buy them once you arrive, if you want them.

Why aren't you offering any 4-day or Plus/Premium tickets this year?

In order to streamline, I'm offering only one ticket choice this year, the 5-day hopper. It has the biggest discount and is the best value for our group. Few families wanted Plus/Premium tickets in the past, and the extra cost wasn't worth it for this trip.

Do I still need to get your tickets if I have an annual pass to Disney, a military ticket, or if I'm a Disney cast member?

Disney doesn't allow annual passholders, military ticket holders, and cast members to participate in our educational programs or group events without purchasing our tickets.

Is the ticket price per day, or per ticket?

The price is per ticket, not per day.

When will I receive my tickets?

If you register by the FastPass Registration Deadline, you'll receive your tickets in time to reserve your FastPass times 60 days in advance of our group arrival date (if you’re staying at a Disney resort) and 30 days in advance of our group arrival date (if you’re staying off Disney property).

If you register by the Final Registration Deadline, you’ll get your tickets by two weeks before our group travel dates.

Regardless of when you register, you won't receive your tickets right away. This is normal and your money is safe with me. If you don't trust me with your money, please don't register for this trip. (Here's more information about our group and how to determine whether you can trust me with your money.)

Your tickets will be mailed to you via Priority, tracked, signature-required mail. Since we first started coordinating this trip in 2006, we never lost tickets in the mail until 2017 (two families). We think it was due to weather issues (we had several hurricanes impacting delivery), but we were able to work around the issues, so no worries, no stress!

What dates are the tickets good for?

Tickets will be valid from April 20 to May 11, but you must be present for the required educational program (date/time to be determined) to qualify for our tickets. They'll expire after May 11, even if you haven’t used all 5 days.

NOTE: Don't believe travel agents or even Disney cast members who tell you differently. They're not familiar with our tickets and will insist that they work the way regular Disney tickets do. (They don't.)

You can arrive early or stay later than our group dates of April 27-May 4, but you must attend the educational program that week so make sure you save one day on your ticket to attend.

Can I get more (or get fewer) days on our tickets?

Disney doesn't offer us discounted tickets above 5 days, and you can't add them to your tickets while you're at Disney.

However, even if you plan to stay at Disney more than 5 days, our tickets will very likely be all you'll need. There are other places to spend your time that don't require a ticket: Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) has a lot of shops, restaurants, and activities, as does the BoardWalk area.

Our Typhoon Lagoon Party doesn't require a ticket, so you won't use a park day for it. Our Hoop-Dee-Doo Dinner Show also doesn't require a ticket, if you decide to join us for that.

Families are often surprised at how much they enjoy Disney Springs, the BoardWalk, and just taking a break from the parks.

You can't get fewer days because I'm only offering 5-day tickets this year. They're the best value for the majority of my travelers. If you're staying fewer days, use the extra day(s) to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom on the day you arrive, or catch one more ride on Soarin' the morning of your departure day. Having the extra day really helps families feel they have more flexibility in their schedule, and a less stressful itinerary.

Can I add park days to these tickets while I'm at Disney?

You can't add days to these tickets.

Are you offering Universal tickets in April/May?

Yes, here's the link to our April/May Universal trip: https://www.travelinghomeschoolers.com/universal/

And here are our FAQs for Universal: https://www.travelinghomeschoolers.com/community/index.php?/topic/127-universal-spring-2019-faqs/

Disney Trip Description & Registration Link:


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Kristy H

This will be our first Disney trip ever and while it may be common knowledge, I was unsure if the Typhoon Lagoon party is from 6:30-10: 30 AM or PM. I was thinking it's PM? I didn't see it listed on the main Disney info page or these. I'm making dining reservations and was just trying to plan accordingly. Thank you!

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Hi Kristy,

It's PM, not AM. Thanks for asking - I didn't realize I forgot that on my website!



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Hello -

I see that one can't use an annual pass or add extra days to the event tickets but do you know if they'll allow the tickets to be upgraded to an annual pass at the end of the visit? We're buying the Premiere Passes next year for the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and just looking at options.

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Officially, no, but one family told me they were able to do it, so I think it depends on the cast member you talk to. No guarantee, though.



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