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Here is the trip description and registration link: 


Is the price quoted per family, or per person?

The prices are per family, not per person.

Is the trip still open? How do I get on the waiting list?

It's full now, but we're accepting registrations for our waiting list. To get on the list for either trip, please submit a registration form as you normally would. You'll have to pay a $250 per-person non-refundable deposit to confirm your spots on the waiting list. (I'll send you an email with payment information after I receive your registration.)

If spots come available, your deposit will be applied to your total. If spots don't come available by November 15, 2018, your deposit will be refunded in full. If you decide not to go after being offered spots, your deposit will not be refunded. So, in other words, make sure you really do want to go before registering for my waiting list.

Can we opt out of the hotel, specific tours, etc.?

We need to maintain minimums to qualify for group discounts, and I'm contracted to pay for a minimum number of hotel rooms to get the cheaper rates, so you can't opt out of the hotel. You can opt out of any tour on the itinerary, but you won't receive a refund for any missed tours/events.

What hotel will we be using? What type of hotel is it?

Until our itinerary is finalized something may change, so I wait to share hotel information, itinerary, etc., until closer to our travel dates. All of the hotels I partner with are mid-range (for price and value), highly rated, family-friendly, in good areas of town, and near restaurants.

Does your website list everything we're doing? 

I have more sites/tours planned, but won't list them until they're confirmed. Not all the sites on my website are confirmed yet (some won't let me register for 2019 yet), but I don't think we'll have a problem getting tours. The itinerary is subject to change, regardless.

I understand the price on the website is an estimate, but how close do you think it is to the final price?

I don't think it'll be as high as the estimate on my website. I'm giving myself some wiggle room until I get final pricing for 2019 and see how the exchange rate does.

How is this trip different from your previous international trips?

I'm not working with an international tour operator for this trip, so I have complete control over hotels, tour guides, site visits/timing, etc. I believe I can do better than previous operators did for my group because I care more. You can tell me how I did when we return home! :)

I have a family of 7, 8, 9, etc., and have very young children. Can we all share one room?

The hotel I use allows up to 4 per room (two adults and two children) and has double beds. If you have more than that, you'll have to get another room. This trip is limited to ages 8 and up.

I have a baby, toddler, preschooler - do they count in the price?

This trip is limited to ages 8 and up.

Should people with mobility issues go on this trip.

Due to the heavy walking associated with this trip and logistical issues with using the tube/underground, I don't recommend this trip for anyone with mobility problems.

I have a family of 7 or 8 or more. What's the price?

If you have a larger family, combine the price for a party of 3 and a party of 4 if you have 7, or double the price for a party of 4 if you have 8, etc.

Have any other questions? Please reply in this thread and I'll answer and add it to the list!

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